Campground Info

       Our goal is to provide quiet enjoyment for all of our guests. We ask that all campers follow these basic rules:

  • We welcome pets,  but at the discretion of management.  Pets must be leashed at all times, and must be cleaned up after immediately.(They tend to poop next to neighbor’s hookups.) Pets must be quiet and may not be left unattended.
  • Please conserve water, as we are on a well.
  • Campsites must be kept neat and sanitary.
  • Self-contained RVs, travel trailers and motorhomes only (We do not offer tent sites).
  • Quiet time is 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.


Summer $45.00 a night plus lodging tax. Winter $45.00 a night plus lodging tax; W/ metered electric.  One family per camper (2 adults 3 children up to 18 years) $6.00 a night per extra person $3.00 extra a night per dog $10.00 extra a night for trailers up to a certain length
All sites have Water- Sewer-Electric. 50 Amps 2 night minimum summer/winter season, 3 night minimum holiday weekends.

No Motorcycles at any time … Safety issue (soft gravel and frost in spring and fall)

Storm Outages: Refunds and/or amount of refund during storm outages determined by DLC owner at time of stay. 

Summer Seasonal Rates:  ( May 15 t0 Sept. 15 for summer site only)
3150.00 + tax & metered electric.  (200.00 deposit)

Summer Seasonal Rates: (April 1 to end of September)                                                                                                                                                                         3900.00 + tax & metered electric (200.00 deposit)

Winter Seasonal Rates; (Oct.1 to end of March)
3900 + tax & metered elec.  (200.00 deposit)

Seasonal campers cannot exceed 10 years, once in, monitored
Responsible for keeping your area up, or we will do it for you for a fee
1,000 down for deposits; no refunds – electricity DOES go out during storms, sometimes for extended periods of time. You are allowed a generator during storms. We do not provide generators, or fuel for them. We do not refund $ if power and wifi are out during storms.
NO POP UPS OR TENT SITES available at this time;


Definitions: Durham Leisure Campground (management)

1. Camper/Tenant may have no more than two pets on the Property. Proof of current rabies and other required shots must be submitted with application. Owner is responsible for up to date vaccinations prior to stay.  A camper/tenant is
not allowed to have an aggressive dog on the Property or in the Campground. All pets
on the Property or in the Campground must be leashed at all times. Camper/Tenant
must clean up immediately after pet(s). No pets left on site unattended. Guests may NOT bring
their dogs to campground. Management, at any time, may request a pet be removed
from the Property or the Campground.
2. The speed limit in the park is 5 miles per hour. Camper/Tenant is responsible for
Camper’s /Tenant’s guests, invitees and family members’ compliance with the speed
limit in the campground.
3. Camper/Tenant is not allowed to puncture (i.e. hammock screws), cut or remove any
trees, flowers, shrubs, foliage or any other similar item without prior or written
approval from Management.
4. Camper/Tenant is not allowed to relocate fire pit.
5. Camper/Tenant must accompany at all times any children under the age of seven (7)
on the property of the Campground. Camper/Tenant is responsible for any claim, loss
or damage caused by Camper/Tenant’s children, guests, invitees or other family
6. Generators (at the expense of the tenant) are to be used as an emergency during storm outages.
7. Camper/Tenant may not leave outside camp lights on all night.
8. Quiet time in the campground is from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM. Camper/Tenant may
not play loud music or make any other similar loud noises at any time.
9. Checkout time is 11:00 AM.
10. Camper/Tenant may not have more than one refrigerator on the Property without
prior written approval from Management.
11. Camper/Tenant must have all household garbage securely contained in plastic bags.
All fish, meat and/or poultry items must be wrapped in a newspaper and double
bagged before being placed in the Campground dumpster. Camper/Tenant is
responsible for the removal of their own trash (i.e. microwave ovens, vacuum
cleaners, metal objects, carpets, chairs, foam insulation for seasonal sites, etc.)
12. Camper/Tenant must keep all fires within the fire pit, fire ring or fireplace.
Camper/Tenant may not have a fire on the Property that exceeds five (5) feet high.

Camper/Tenant must extinguish all fires prior to leaving the Property or retiring for
the night.
13. No-one shall drive motor vehicle on the grass.
14. There will be no washing of vehicles, which includes but is not limited to boats,
trucks, cars, SUV’s, etc.
15. Camper/Tenant will park his/her vehicle(s) at camper/tenant’s property. If there is no
room for a trailer, the trailer should be parked in the designated parking area.
16. There will be one trailer/camper per site. With Management’s permission, a small pup
tent is allowed for small children. No other tents/campers are allowed on the
Camper/Tenant’s property.
17. Camper/Tenant’s guests, invitees and family members must wear helmets while bike
riding within the Campground. (State Law under age 16). No bike riding after dark.
18. Motorized pleasure vehicles (i.e. ATV’s mini bikes, go-carts, golf carts, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.) are not
allowed on the property or in the Campground. Any questions, consult owner.
19. Camper/Tenant is not allowed to have an unlicensed person operate a vehicle on the
Property or in the Campground.
20. All children are to be on site by dark.
21. Dangerous materials are not allowed on the Property or in the Campground.
Camper/Tenant shall not at any time have anything of a dangerous, flammable or
explosive character on the property or in the Campground.
22. Firearms are not allowed on the Property or in the Campground.
23. Fireworks are not allowed on the Property or in the Campground.
24. Camper/Tenant may not allow minor to consume or possess alcohol on the Property
or in the Campground.
25. Illegal or non-prescription drugs are not allowed on the Property or in the
26. Unruly, rowdy, immoral, lascivious or intolerable behavior is not allowed on the
Property or in the Campground. Camper/Tenant and their guests, invitees and/or
family members are to conduct themselves in a respectable manner.
27. Management reserves the right to remove any person from the Property or the
Campground for any violation of these rules or regulations at any time. Those who are
told to leave the Campground must do so immediately.
28. If at any time payment is not made on time, Management shall have the right, without
notice, to store or otherwise dispose of Camper/Tenant’s property at the
Camper/Tenant’s expense.

30. All campers must be insured.

Durham Leisure Campground Rules and Regulations